About Us

Novin Control Arike Sanaat began its activities in 1991 by selling the spare parts required by tile and ceramic industry. With the passage of time and gaining more experience, various new and used machinery and also a wide range of tools and supplies of this industry have been added to Novin Control’s products.


Novin Control has the honor that since its inception, has provided technical and engineering services along with selling products in order to satisfy the customers to the maximum. Nowadays the experienced engineers of Novin Control are working in an independent section called The Technical and Engineering Support, and are ready to provide the finest services to production units.


Since most of tile and ceramic plants of Iran are located in Yazd province, Novin Control build a 7000-square meter complex in Zarch industrial town of Yazd in 2012. This complex includes an administrative department, spare parts and raw material, digital designing unit, tile designing gallery, digital laboratory, cylinder engraving unit, industrial digital inks filtration site and an experimental tile kiln. The mentioned complex is constantly evolving and updating due to its enormous potential, and this guarantees the provision of best services to the customers.







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