Digital Ink



Digital inks become unusable shortly after production. Since the production of these inks involves various levels, Novin Control Company, in collaboration with Italian company "Sicer", perform the last phase of ink production in Iran. Filtering site is equipped with an advanced quality control lab and a 80 MT ink reserve for every month.


Thus, producers can order fresh ink daily and up to their needs. Since digital inks are not produced in Iran, the freshness of these inks compared to the import inks, quick and on-time delivery, eliminating the risk of decay and reduction of companies costs due to a lack of need for ink storage, are some of this product's qualities.


One of distinctive qualities of Sicer-produced inks is its high intensity that leads to the reduction of ink usage per square meter and financial saving.


These inks are available in blue, pink, brown, yellow, beige and black colors. All these inks have the approval certificate of renowned digital printer manufacturers such as Projecta, Intesa, Durst, System and Tecno Ferrari.










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