Digital printing



  • Designing and selling designs
  • Performing and engraving digital designs on tile
  • Drawing designs on the production unit biscuits and baking test by the same unit’s kiln
  • Washing and testing digital printer heads
  •  Consultation on improving digital designs
  • Provision of required color and raw material
  • Six color plotter device
  • Head test device
  • Magnetic Head wash with ultrasonic waves device
  • Advanced scanner (Microtec)
  • Special designing computer

The Novin Plot unit of Novin Control Arike San’at is providing digital printing services in collaboration with European companies, and is aiming to lay the groundwork for improvement of Iran’s tile industry by providing the software and hardware means of this technology in the country.

The advanced laboratory of this unit comprises a six color plotter device, head test device, state-of-the-art scanner and designing computer with great capability, and is ready to provide proper service to the tile and ceramic industry.


One of provided services of this unit is drawing the desired digital designs of production units on the biscuits of the same production unit by using the available plotter in the laboratory and then baking tile in the kiln of the same factory. Evidently, There’s no need for continual stoppage of the production line in the factory with the provision of these services until the achievement of final result, and eventually it’s possible to print the desired design of the production units by using the ultra-ready loading to the digital device method, which leads to the reduction of installment and starting up costs in theproduction units. Also, after sample creation the director and sales manager of the production unit to decide on the designs.


By implementing head tester we can test all the used heads in the factories’ digital print devices, and if need be remove its nozzle blockage and clean the sediment. It’s important to note that in many cases it’s possible to restore the worn-out heads to original condition.

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